For our guests

Guided tour “Olive harvest and tasting”

If you have never experienced the magical harvesting time of the olives and their work, come and live with us personally!
Participating in olive harvesting will allow you to understand how this precious food rich in history and culture is at the heart of our Mediterranean diet!


Manual picking of the olives and lesson on how and when to harvest the olives.
Workshop on evaluation of extra virgin olive oil and on how to tasting oil to understand its characteristics.
Packed lunch
Dinner with typical dishes
And in the end, to make this particular day even more unforgettable, we will give you a complimentary bottle of oil you saw born!
Price: For our visitors 30 €
The price includes
• Olive harvest
• Interpreter
• Gloves and cap for collection
• Baggage Breakfast
• Dinner
• Explication of oil processing
• Present oil bottle


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